Galleria Canesso

Located in the heart of the city’s historic centre, the Galleria Canesso Lugano offers its residents and visitors a cultural space focused on Italian Old Master Paintings ranging from the fourteenth to the eighteenth centuries. Apart from being a landmark for committed art collectors, the gallery also sets out to draw the younger generation to the great artists of the past, combining culture, the art market, and true passion, and encouraging and advising clients old and new.

Lombard by birth and Parisian by adoption, Maurizio Canesso followed a thirty-year-long passion for Italian painting and chose Lugano as a location for a second gallery after having founded his initial one in Paris. He established himself in the new site with a meticulous selection of works, assisted by his gallery director Ginevra Agliardi.

This is a sort of return to Maurizio’s roots in the city that represents an ideal point of contact between Italy and Switzerland, reviving the historic artistic and cultural bonds between Lombardy and Ticino.